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Morena Mom’s PETA Theater Visit

Morena Mom’s PETA Theater Visit

When you hear the word “Theater” what comes to your mind? I hope it’s not the words “JUST ACTING”. Me, I always have great admiration and respect for “theater people”. I personally think they can be our great if not the best influence in terms of discipline and versatility. These people exhibits skills and traits the theater taught them through workshops and the production which were definitely advantageous to anybody’s everyday life journey; speaking effectively in public, oral and written communication skills honed through script writing etc. I’m always fascinated how actors and the whole production specially those in props department were with great focus and play cool as if they got everything under control. These and more will help you prepare, translate into success, in countless other aspects of your life


How I love Theaters. I’m enthralled with theater plays. Forever. Read here why. That’s why I’m very glad to be part of PETA’s (Philippine Educational Theater Association) first Media Theater Tour & Workshop. Oh workshop! I miss workshops. My 13 year old self was thrilled to see the PETA Theater, excited to know what it can offer and what exactly it looks like.


During the tour they showed us the home of their talents – the headquarters that fuels their passion to learn the art of theater.

Tanghalan ng Buhay PETA

Mr. John Moran, senior artist-teacher and Teacher Ada giving a short orientation of PETA’s history, both product of PETA workshops. Behind them is the Baraha ng Buhay PETA. A very nice wall painting that mirrored PETA’s tradition of humanism and social responsibility.

PHINMA Theater

Inside PHINMA Theater

This PETA-PHINMA Theater has 300-400 seating capacity for theater plays and showcases.




We were guided to the second floor of the building for a brief Q&A with Teacher John and was given a short but fun-filled workshop by Teacher Ada.

PETA Workshop


I hope for Elijah and our additional children to develop a love for theater. With that he’ll be exposed to people who put their hearts on their craft.

I learned that PETA offers a Summer Program, perfect! It is an annual series of workshops formulated for children, teens, and adults programmed by PETA during the summer season. Adults. Oh I can enroll us both. Greatest!



Children’s Theater Workshop (6 to 8 and 9 to 12)

This workshop will give the kids a chance to open up their creativity and imagination to create stories which they will be performing at the end of the workshops.

Teen Theater Workshop (13 to 16)

This workshop will allow them to learn different disciplines of theater from writing, visual arts, dance and music. Here teens can express and relate experiences with the other enrollees.

Young Professionals and Working Adults

For young professionals and working adults, PETA offers Theater Arts for beginners, Basic Acting for experienced performers and Creative Musical Theater for the musically-inclined. All adult workshops are scheduled to fit the hectic hours of work and school of young adults and professionals with sessions happening mostly after work and school.

Wait there’s more! Aside from the regular courses offered by PETA, the theater company mounts two special courses for visual artists and for senior citizens looking for a refreshing theater experience.

Theater Arts for Seniors (60 and above)

A refreshing creative experience that will surely inspire and get them moving. The course encourages seniors to relive memorable moments through the lenses of theater and art.

Visual Arts Course

Talented creatives who are more inclined to working on canvass are invited to join the Visual Arts course. Taught by a seasoned PETA artist-teacher focused on drawing and painting, enrollees of the Visual Arts course will get a chance to learn how the lively and energetic character of theater can be emanated through pencil, paper and canvass.


After the tour and workshop we were given complimentary passes for the play 3 Stars and a Sun. A musical play which I can say was very timely for this coming election. Let me give you the words of Mixkaela Villalon, its writer, for you to have a picture of it:


3 Stars and a Sun Ticket


I wrote this story for young people – those who can recite the Green Lantern oath but don’t know the minimum wage, the kids who are steeped in the history of Westeros but doubt the atrocities of Martial Law, all of us who are tired of activists blocking traffic while we think we can change the world through dank memes. We’re the fulcrum of history now, for better or worse.

Words from the director of the play, Nor Domingo:



A photo in my camera roll which summarized the play, at least I think.

It is the objective of this play to inspire today’s (Millenials) young people to think beyond themselves and realize they are part of a bigger community, that they need to get involved in the creation or the process of determining their future.

…until the youth understand the threat of things repeating itself, dystopia might be the only future we will create for ourselves and for our children.

Master Rapper

The 3 Stars and a Sun musical play used only Master Rapper’s songs.

The PETA Summer Program will be available at PETA’s home theater located at No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City and at there sattelite venue for aspiring enrollees in the South, Pineapple Lab 6071 Palma Street Barangay Poblacion 1210, Makati.

Enrollment is ongoing for the PETA Summer Program. Those who would like to enroll may contact PETA at 725 6244, 0905 369 6003 or to schedule their enroll. Additional information on the workshops such as the schedule, fees, and course descriptions are available here.

More of this kind of rendezvous, please? Long live theater plays! Long live the theater!

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6 thoughts on “Morena Mom’s PETA Theater Visit

  1. I hope I can also attend events like this. I was trained from an independent theatre when I was in college. Though we have a limited shows after graduation because of work, I am still grateful for all the learnings that I had. It was a great experience and I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

  2. Workshops like PETA’s are indeed very helpful to hone a kid’s talent as well as his confidence. I hope my boys have interest on stage play or the visual arts.

    Thanks for this.

  3. My kids are into theater also. I was interested with PETA’s programs before but when I found out that their venue is in New Manila, I looked for another workshop provider that’s nearer our place. My kids had fun during their first theater workshop last year. 🙂

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