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Morena Mom’s HeyMom Experience

How is motherhood limiting your time in buying stuff like groceries or medicines?

Paying our bills or buying grocery items has become a hassle for me. For a yayaless mother, I have to prep my children and myself before I could go out of the house and do some errands. Either that or (most of the time) I will just wait for my husband to pay or buy after his work at 5:00 PM. Is there no easy way for this? That’s what I always ask myself when being given that situation. Over time, I learn to utilize online options available like for grocery items, online banking and shopping some fashion pieces. What I haven’t found yet then was an online store for my kids’ vitamins and medicines. Hassle is an understatement; I hate long lines–a baby on the carrier and a 4-year-old on my one hand. I did not mention the weather here yet. Because a rainy day or super sunny day, both no good for the given situation.

Months ago, I read an article shared on Facebook by a mom who posted how thankful she was to a rider of the famous fast-food chain where she ordered midnight snack from.  She asked a favor of buying her a medicine as her baby is suddenly nursing a fever. The mommy doesn’t have any stash and she doesn’t have anyone to babysit her child so she can go out and buy so she resorted to it. I can only imagine if I was on her shoes.

Just very recently I discovered HeyMom–go-to online shop for pediatric care. Their product range includes brands such as Ceelin, Allerkid, Trisopure Baby Wash among many other well-known brands for children’s vitamins, medicines, and personal care items. Not only that, adult vitamins, medicines and health care needs are also available.


Thank goodneeeess! No more going out with my children in tow just to buy medicine or vitamins. No more lining up while worrying if my preschooler will go whichever aisle to explore. No more waiting for the husband to come from work so that 1) he can buy the meds and vitamins to replenish your family staples, or 2) drive you to the nearest pharmacy. No need to stuck in heavy traffic to and from.

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Aside from the confirmation on their website, I like how Hey Mom’s website acknowledge my order via email in no time. They also sent me an SMS regarding the order. The following day I was informed via SMS and email that my orders were on its way.

Their customer service doesn’t end there. I love how Mr. Delivery Guy said “Thank you for your order. We hope to serve you again.” The thing is, I’m a fan of online convenience that’s why I have frequent encounters with delive

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