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Morena Mom: Yoga and Pregnancy

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I am a mother of 2 children plus another one on the way. This baby number three will come out in more than two months from now.

Recounting my previous pregnancies, the last delivery was the easiest for me. Comparing the two, I figured the only difference I made was I had a Yoga class with my second childbirth. I’m lucky because they offer that in the birthing home where I delivered my child. If not for that being included, I’m not open to attending Yoga class while pregnant or say I don’t consider doing it even not with a baby inside my tummy. Well, that’s before. Because why? It helped me with easy birth labor.

I  was set to have a water birth for Ella (my second baby) but luckily the midwives didn’t had the time to prepare the pool of water as I am fully dilated when we arrived at the birthing home. I had a 7-hour labor period with my firstborn, so I was so surprised having been able to deliver my second child 30 minutes after being examined by the midwife when I got off our car.

I had 9 sessions of prenatal Yoga with Lori the pretty midwife from the birthing home. Yoga is not as complicated I thought it was. I was just discouraged before as poses seem difficult. But I tried and embraced it as it was said to help make your labor and delivery way easier. It’s true indeed!

Photo is by Bearthside Photography & Films – Manila Birth, not mine.

And so with this third pregnancy I am adamant to do Yoga again. Lori is no longer there to facilitate Yoga for this year as her internship was finished, no more session from the birthing home. Yes, I am on my own now.

Searched and I saw Yoga Download. They have sets of Beginner Programs. I also saw Fitness and Strength, Detox and Cleanse, Therapy and a lot more.

What’s cool is that they have a compilation of poses – Pose Guide – which you can choose whether printable or videos. I am a visual learner; this will help me big time.

There’s also playlist that I can browse with provided previews to help me decide if I want to buy it or not.

They have packages too! Who likes this? Oh, I do! Definitely, Prenatal and Postnatal Programs & Packages is what I was looking for!

Are you pregnant like me or just trying to find an online Yoga class for yourself? Check them out too!

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