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Morena Mom Shares: Where To Find Cheap Glasses Frames?

Morena Mom Shares: Where To Find Cheap Glasses Frames?

If you’re following this blog long enough, you’ll recall that I shared here before how I am with  eye issues but it’s just minor that I can afford to defer having an eyeglasses. I noticed this since my days in college that I cannot read letters that well if they’re three feet away from me. Yes, that Snellen chart test, I always fail in that during annual physical test.

My last trip to an eye doctor’s clinic was when I was pregnant with my firstborn and I was told that being an expectant mom, my eye grade is unreliable or inconsistent . Thus, I am still without an eyeglass up to this writing. Now that I am 11 week postpartum and often in front of the computer, it is high time for me to visit an Optometrist.

Being that I cannot be out for long periods of time as you know I have three children now and without a house helper or even a babysitter, at least, online shopping is my lifesaver these days. Or browsing online first just so to finalize my choice and go outside to shop being decided of what to pick. And so, I made a few clicks to check on fashion eyewear. Yes, it won’t hurt to be fashionable still even when wearing glasses, right?  But, you know me, I am always on a budget. I stumbled upon this website that offers cheap glasses frames.

Cat Eye Black Eyeglasses

Bella Gold Cat Eye Glasses


Since it’s Christmas season and gift giving has been a tradition to most people including my family and the extended part of our clan, I also thought of checking items to give them. I was thinking of  aviator glasses frames that suits my brother’s taste and style.

Handsome Aviator Light Amber Glasses


Let me just give you a rundown of their offers that makes me ecstatic:


-All lenses are at 20% OFF.

-Buy 1, get another at 60% OFF

-A $4 OFF on your purchase if you register.


Considerable offers and savings, right?


Hurry, get your stylish prescription glasses, too!

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