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Mentos Items Up to 50% Off in Shopee!

Did you know that Mentos can be also bought in Shopee?

I told you, right, lahat available sa Shopee pee!

Who among you grew up with that famous Mentos commercials playing often after your favorite TV series when you were little?

Was watching all the past commercial of Mentos because I don’t know, this might appear weird but it gives me happy vibes, nakakapagsmile. For those who are familiar several Mentos Commercials in the ’90s with the song that reminded us “fresh goes better in life”.

Oh well, back to Shopee and Mentos, here’s the link to the official store.

Mentos Sugarfree Mints 2 Tins with FREE Soda Kick Roll

4 Mentos Soda Kick Rolls at 50% OFF

Mentos Soda Kick Roll at 50% OFF (single roll)

Who says NO to Mentos? I mean, back in college, it was a common thing to have a Mentos in your pocket. And twas a fresh way to start a conversation and connect.

I did a mini research who is the maker of the Mentos: “The Fresh Maker”. It’s Perfetti Van Melle. They’re also producing and distributing other known global brands of candies and chewing gums that cater to consumers of all ages around the globe.

Mentos is an exceptionally fresh chewy mint that comes in a great variety of exciting mint and fruit flavours. Its unique round shape combines taste, freshness and functionality.

Our brands convey the passion we have for our products. We continuously explore new ways of doing things and innovative ideas that will inspire and delight our consumers worldwide. Our Mentos, Chupa Chups, Alpenliebe gratify, refresh, inspire consumers of all ages around the globe. Other brands are extremely popular in regional markets with innovative tastes that match local preferences.

So, don’t miss discounted Mentos items at Shopee! ?

● Get discounts to Mentos products on 14 July
● Buy 2 Mentos Tins OR 2 Mentos Gums get FREE Mentos roll on 14 July
● Max 50% off on Soda Kick Rolls on 14 July

You haven’t downloaded the Shopee app yet? Download now for free from the App Store or Google Play!

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