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Kids On Bikes 2016

Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.
Supported by Unilab’s Growee, this event promotes good health and wellness for kids, because it is important for our kids to have strong bones and muscles. Most importantly, this event also aims to cultivate a fun bonding experience for the whole family.  It’s not enough for kids to just be tall, they have to be tough as well! Growee not only has CGF for maximum height, it also has Vitamin D for strong bones and strong muscles! With Vitamin D found in Growee, kids are not just tall, they’re tough too!
Kids On Bikes is a sports biking competition for kids. As a race to good health and wellness, this sports activity aims to promote discipline, good health, and sportsmanship for the kids. Kids On Bikes also fosters bonding, camaraderie, and fun for the whole family.
Kids on Bikes to be an annual race competition, declaring the biker kid of the year. Kids On Bikes will be massively promoted in schools and will have regional legs nationwide. This will be legitimized in to a national event campaign to be supported by the national and local governments.
Kids On Bikes aims to raise benefactions for the less fortunate children in our communities by endowing the kids with bikes. Together with our partners and supporters, we are able to expand our campaign of health and wellness for the kids.
Kids On Bikes is a national fun race to promote good health and wellness for the kids, aiming to foster camaraderie, bonding, and fun for the whole family.
Race Categories

Fun Ride – kids ages 3-5 years old : This is a no-competition fun race for the kids. A family activity where participants are joined by parents or guardians to play in a stress free and fun mini playground.

Kids On Bikes Race Category 3

Bike Relay – kids ages 6-8 years old : This is a team mini bike race competition where the kid and up to two family members compete with the other teams in a relay type of race.

Kids On Bikes Race Category 2

Main Race – kids ages 9-13 years old : This is the major bike competition. The kids will have a friendly competition where kids will race each other to be hailed as the “The Biker Kid Of The Year”.

Kids On Bikes Race Category 1
The Legs/Venues
March 06, 2016 at the SM Mall Of Asia Grounds (Opening)
March 19, 2016 at the Ayala Alabang Country Club
March 27, 2016 at the UP Diliman Grounds
April 09, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds (Finale)


How To Join
It’s free and easy to join!
Register online at the Kids On Bikes PH on Facebook.
Like and Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Just present a carton box of Growee 250ml (or 2 carton of Growee 120ml) in exchange for the Race Kit which consists of the following:

Singlet  jersey race shirt
Race map
First aid kit
Race number sticker
Water provision
Kids On Bikes water jugs
Snack provision
Certificate of participation

Bring your own bikes and gears.
A limited number of bikes & gears will be available for those without bikes.
Race to fun!


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  1.' Berlin says:

    It’s a nice event and surely my boy would love to join. Kaso Lang, his bike is too small for him Na. 😆😂

    •' Richelle says:

      Hi Mommy!

      Join na para we can see each other and exchange hellos! My son naman doesn’t know how to work on the pedal yet.

      See you!

      Morena Mom

  2. […] To join the fun, all you need to do is register on their Facebook page for free and present a cartoon of Growee 250ml or 2 cartons of Growee 120ml in exchange for a race kit.  For more details, please check their website. […]

  3.' Veni Anabo says:

    Too bad. we missed the opening at MOA.

  4.' Cathy says:

    May I ask time of event and if a confirmation will be sent? How will we get the kit, during the event na? It will be very helpful to hear for these details. Thanks Mommy!

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