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I am Now Thinking of Having an Eyeglass

I am Now Thinking of Having an Eyeglass

I wasn’t born with poor eyesight but I have slight issues with it since college. Luckily, it’s so minor that I can defer using one. I am on my thirties now and still with no spectacle. I just feel like it’s so inconvenient for me to move around with those especially now that I am a mom. Can you imagine how hard it is for a nannyless mother of a 4 year-old and 1 year with just my hands running the household? Did I mention that my youngest is now on the phase of grabbing everything?

That being said, it’ll be too much if I will schedule for an appointment with the Optometrist on a weekday. Oh yes. Because, any day on a weekday spells hassle as I will be going out or doing errands without my husband with our two children in tow. Or he can file a leave for a day. However, we’re saving it for third baby’s arrival on September. Did I mention already that I am pregnant too? Laughs. That reminds me, I should postpone seeing my eye doctor because the last time he checked my eyes, I was also pregnant with my firstborn and was advised that expectant mom’s eye grade is unreliable or inconsistent which is why it’s best to have my eyes checked after pregnancy.

And so I started checking out eyeglasses and stumbled upon Zeelool Prescription Eyeglasses Frames Online. I love the selection of their cute glasses frames. This site is a go to for glasses frames for women!



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I am Now Thinking of Having an Eyeglass

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