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How did you prepare for your licensure exam?

My sister earned her degree in Psychology last May. After her graduation, I was bothered that she’s thinking of just doing a self-study for their board exam. Not that I’m underestimating her capabilities, no. Yes, we are a different type of learner to another. Being that I experienced availing a review center’s service, I know it will be far advantageous for her to give it a try (judging from the type of learner she is, too).

I am a graduate of Computer Science and we don’t have a board exam as technology is ever-changing, thus, we have certifications every now and then. But, almost 6 years ago I intended to work in Korea that’s why I enrolled in a tutorial center to help me in the Test of Proficiency in Korean. I can say I managed to pass TOPIK because of the tips and guidance from my Korean Teacher there. Sure I have the option to study on my own but where do I start? What topics should I study? For 4 years in college, what areas in Psychology that she studied in those years will appear in that licensure exam? So, I asked some friends who have availed of the service to convince my sister some more.

A friend said she felt that enrolling in a review center gave her structured topics where you’ll realize which area needs greater attention as that’s what will most likely appear on the exam. My thoughts exactly!

Another friend said the ambiance in a review center–any corner you’ll look, everyone is studying– it boosts his morale to push himself to study harder too. The greatest part, they give more review materials.

I checked out the internet and stumbled upon AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center.

Ahead Review and Tutorial Center

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I read on their website that they were the first to offer Test-Based Reviews for the country’s most competitive admission exams; University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET), and the De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET). AHEAD have set the model for supplementary education in the Philippines.

AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center stands for the values of excellence, leadership, and responsibility. Its logo symbolizes excellence, the essence of leadership.

Oh now my sister should check them out to prepare better for the next scheduled licensure exam and see if it fits her budget too. I hope they have an affordable mode of payment.

Did anyone experience AHEAD’s services yet? Your thoughts, please.

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  1.' Almaira says:

    My husband passed the last civil service examination and Review helped him a lot.This is a helpful article to everyone,Will let my cousin about this,She’s going to take an LET exam,She might be interested.

  2. I believe that review centers give direction and structure to specific topics one needs to master. The student’s capacity to grasp everything though is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness or otherwise of the program. I see that AHEAD is ahead of its competitors in terms of tutors and programs. If given the chance that my boys will take licensure exam, I would encourage them to consider enrolling at AHEAD.

  3.' SJ Valdez says:

    When I took the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers), honestly I just relied on stocked knowledge. I didn’t consider attending a review class due to my erratic work schedule and tight budget. Luckily I passed the exam. If you are going to ask me, iba pa rin ang a-attend ka ng review classes to force yourself to review on a structured program. Mas malaki ang possibility to top the exams if it’s your goal. In my opinion, AHEAD review center can be one of the options to achieve it.

  4.' Mona Verdida says:

    I’ve personally never been to a licensure exam because I, too, was a graduate of a computer-related course. But thanks to this post, I have a better picture of what a tutorial and review center is and what it does to people.

  5.' Joy says:

    I took and passed Licensure Exam for Teachers last 2005. I believe review centers really help the examiners, in one way or another, achieve their goal. 🙂

  6.' Que Gavan says:

    Passed the Electronics Engineering Licensure Exams and the review center is a big help. We have mock exams, both online and offline.

  7. In house review noong college ako, maarte UST e. :p

  8. Getting board exams means you have to be ready with the necessary battle gear needed in order for you to pass it. I wouldn’ t risk wasting my time reviewing on my own and will solely entrust it to these centers. Time is essential and so as you efforts. I am thankful that I sought the help of review centers when I passed the boards,it really helped me focus on the right topics and refresh what I studied in school.

    Goodluck to your sister!:-)

  9. ConpSci din ako so I didn’t experience taking board exams. My SIL recently took a certification exam and she joined review classes also. I think it helped her to make her studying more structured and with a direction.

  10.' Mommy Pehpot says:

    Enrolling in a tutorial center really helps. Malaki daw tulong ng centers not just for knowledge but also to train the mind na magsagot ng magsagot at hindi mapagod.

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