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Gifts I’m Thinking of Giving My Husband for His Birthday

Gifts I’m Thinking of Giving My Husband for His Birthday

October is my husband’s birthday, this 24th to be exact. I was thinking of surprising him with a present. Actually, my man deserves more than just a gift for being the best father. As a hubby, he’s the most patient and greatest with his loyalty in our relationship.

Being that I’m stuck with three children and no house helper or even at least a babysitter, I cannot consider the option of going to malls and check out things he might like. Yes, that became a luxury for me these days but no, that’s not me complaining. I am happy being a homemaker – best decision ever.

So back to the gift, what I did was browse the internet and see what I can get him for his birthday. Besides, it’s the best excuse to buy him something that he needs as he feels he doesn’t need anything.

The bargain hunter me stumbled upon Latest Deals as I was trying to find some affordable yet special and personal gift for my dearest better half. Browsing through the website, I figured I will buy a Garmin  item for him. I love that I came across it – cheap deals yet with good quality. Cheapest Garmin I found online, so far. In case you ask what’s Garmin, it’s an electronics company specializing in smart watches, satellite navigation and dash cams for the car.

These two made it to my short list and I’m torn:

Garmin Forerunner

A GPS Running Watch that tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate and smart notifications and more.

Paulo, my husband is a running enthusiast and he can put this on good use if I’ll pick this one. And also, I love the thought that he’ll be notified

Garmin Dash Cam 55

This one is extremely small and discreet device which captures detailed footage in any collision, and it will automatically save footage in case of an incident. Also notifies of Forward Collision and Lane Departure warnings for greater awareness on the road.

Oh he needs this! Our car doesn’t have one yet and accidents are anytime and anywhere. For quite a while now I’m bugging him to get one but he doesn’t have the time to swing by a shop that sells this.

Now I’m confused. Keeping him fit and healthy is a present to us both but being prepared in the road at least with a footage handy in case of accident is necessary too.

Maybe I’ll just ask him, which of these two he wants but that will kill the surprise. On that note, I’ll buy him both. Afterall, he deserves these and more.


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