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I am really not the type of woman who’s into foundation. I feel okay even though I have not put some on my face whenever I do my makeup. (Okay, please don’t roll your eyes on me. I know that it is a no no.) But then this need for it becomes hard to ignore especially during summers in the Philippines like this. When I’m outdoor I get sweaty easily and the next thing I’ll notice, the freshness escaped my system and you’ll see it through the oiliness in my face. That’s the need for it kicks in. I really don’t go outside of the house a lot. I don’t go to the mall often, etcetera. I just go out to pay the utility bills and make some deposits in the bank once in a while, which I hate the most. Not really hate but I find it too hassle to do especially with an almost 2-year old little boy and we’ll just commute.

I’m no  hoarder, I got a humble stash of makeup. Enough to look okay in photos and also don’t look haggard when outside.

So yes, I’m really in a hunt of good foundation to include on my makeup kit. I was asking pretties on a Facebook group I’m in as to what is the best foundie for them and why. I got plenty of suggestions but what caught my interest is the lady who said something like: “Try Ella Cosmetics‘ items. They are best for our weather here.”

Wow! So, I asked Mr. Google what’s Ellana’s website. I was directed to their Facebook page and saw reviews on their products. I noticed the site’s name on the side of the page. I scrolled some more and saw pictures of sample foundation. Yup, sachets appearing to me as powdered cheese. Those that you’ll put on your french fries as flavoring. Cute, really!

I browsed on and carted a brush cleaner and the 10 free samples. Yes, 10! Isn’t that amazing? You just need to pay the 120 pesos shipping fee via LBC. It is a good deal for me. A bit pricey for a delivery charge but to me, I wanted to kiss Ellana Cosmetics to my delight for coming up with this COD (Cash On Delivery) idea as Mode of Payment. You cannot imagine how convenient it is for a Mom who has no Yaya and an unactivated online transfer facility. Side note: We chose to not activate our online transfer facility because I really dont trust online transfers. We’ll never know what more inconvience it may cause. I just dont wanna take chances.

After a day of placing my order, it arrived in my doorstep. I was surprise to receive it that fast. I paid a total of 520 pesos including the 400 for the brush cleaner and the fake mink lashes. I was totally happy with my purchase. The brush solution smells great, at least to me. The greatest part of that is I can now determine which shade of their foundation is best for me without experiencing the worst feeling wearing incorrect shade for you.

Maybe the reason why I haven’t got the chance to pick a foundation for the longest time is because 1) I cannot find time to go to the mall and buy one, or 2) I fear that I’ll pick the wrong shade when just ordering from an online beauty shop.



More power Ellana Cosmetics! You helped me a lot on this.

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