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Do I Need A Property Insurance For Our Home?

Do I Need A Property Insurance For Our Home?

Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable.

-Catherine Pulsifer


We recently purchased a house as our family’s home.

As parents we hoped for it to be a safe haven of our children: A host for our intimate dinners with them, the witness to the ups and downs of our lives as a family, a place of lesson learned, a spot where we share precious secrets, our deepest worries, and our biggest smiles.

But in this life, it’s full of inevitable. There’s always this possibility for our home to face harsh conditions like earthquakes and flooding just to name a few. Being that I hate sudden expenses, I safeguard myself and our family of those I mentioned.  I said this countless times already: I am particular with sticking to a budget. And also, like over and over I will say this: I am an availer of products for peace of mind.

You see, a growing family means growing budget. With all the price hike and TRAIN Law, if I won’t prepare for our Home’s funds for rebuilding in case of damage and losses, what will happen? I’ll tell you what, either we will resort to debt, dent our savings or leave the damage as it is. Why do that if I have a better option?

Truth be told, I never cared about this years ago because – plain and simple — we don’t have a house yet we were just renting. But now, I started on checking some home insurance in the Philippines. And I am sharing this realization with you because maybe, just maybe, this will save your wallet too – at least for single income families like mine.

Check your options now!

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