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Best Havaianas Flip-Flops Sale Ever at Shopee!

Who says Havaianas is just a summer thing?

I don’t know about you but slippers to me is one of the things I always use; I go to the market with it, planting while my feet are comfortably on it, doing Nature Study with my children and still using it, you bet, chasing my toddler, slippers are still what’s on my feet!

Gardening while Havaianas flip flop is on my feet. <3

Do you own a Havaianas pair too? I remember back in college, almost all of people in our campus wore this brand and maybe I was the only one who wasn’t wearing one yet. Yes, para syang status symbol nung kapanahunan ko.

When I managed to buy my first pair, it proved to be ultra-comfortable and highly durable.

And this best rubber flip-flops brand is on sale! Where else? Of course sa paborito nating Shopee pee pee, Momshie!

Missed the Havaianas Grand Launch last March 2020 on Shopee? Visit their official store today and join the BEST SALE EVER! This 7.7, get up to 40% and FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Havaianas pairs on Shopee Mall.

Who among you are like me that Shopee has been a friend lately or even before this pandemic? Would you agree that this platform is accessible, easy and enjoyable?

 If you are following me for quite some time now, you know that our family is residing in Nagcarlan, Laguna. One thing about this town is that it doesn’t have a lot of choices in terms of stores and items you need. Since our life here, Shopee has been my lifesaver. My mommy friends and I were asking each other if all of the items anyone need is available in there. I say whatever I type in the search box, this amazing platform have it!

So, I did my research I found this:

Since the creation of Havaianas in the 1960’s, the brand has grown to become the premiere name in rubber flip-flops. Havaianas are available throughout the globe in respected establishments and are featured in renowned publications, prestigious fashion shows and events.


Sao Paulo Alpargatas selects the most appropriate distributors for Havaianas to ensure the brand’s integrity and the protection of its trademark. In the Philippines, Terry S.A. Incorporated is the exclusive distributor of Havaianas and the only company authorized to market the brand in the country.

Terry S.A. only distributes Havaianas to reputable establishments in the Philippines. These outlets are carefully chosen by Terry S.A. and are subject to the approval of Sao Paulo Alpargatas.

You will agree with me on this for sure: replacement for the comfort and quality of genuine Havaianas produced exclusively by Sao Paulo Alpargatas.

As you may know, Havaianas are available for men, women and children in the yummiest colors and the most fashionable designs. They also come in classic styles that outlast any trend.

There’s a lot to choose from! It comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and silhouettes, all of which have always stood for fashion, function and fun! Recognized all over the world, Havaianas take you from beach to street, and can be worn confidently for any occasion, with any outfit. The flip-flops can be worn all day long without sacrificing comfort and quality. More than just flip-flops, Havaianas is about experiencing life more colorfully, with confidence, and unabashed self-expression.

Havaianas Slide Brasil Flip Flops

Havaianas Top Logo Mania Black New

Havaianas Slim Paisage Coral New

So, don’t miss Best Havaianas Flip-Flops Sale Ever at Shopee! 😉

You haven’t downloaded the Shopee app yet? Download now for free from the App Store or Google Play!

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