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Be A Diva With Niawigs

Be A Diva With Divatress

Since my pregnancy, my hair became dull. And I cannot do too much to rescue it as I have to be extra careful of the effect it could cause to the then little human inside me. Fast forward to now that I am 4 weeks postpartum, guess what? I still cannot visit the salon as my newborn nurses almost every minute (as what’s expected of them, right?). Also, I don’t do home service hair treatment. Does this sound like I’m venting and whining? Please, I’m not.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

And so out of boredom and somewhat frustration I have with my hair, I stumble upon this Niawigs website. I always want to try curly hair but was just not brave enough to have it. I’m just so afraid of “what if I would just regret the result”. Obviously, my first stop was the section for curly wigs. There’s tons of choices and colors varies too! Divatress not just offers thousands of wigs but also hair care products.


I can try several hairstyle without having to go to the salon and leave my baby girl for hours. I haven’t tried using a wig before and their selection excites me. I read on their website that SHIPPING IS FREE FOR ORDERS OVER $49 WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S. So, just like I mentioned on my other blog post, my husband’s boss is willing to hand carry small packages for us from USA. Per. Fect!

This is my favorite so far:

Zury Sis Diva

Wanting to know how would I look with this too:

Empress Lace Wig


Pick yours at Divatress! Feel like a Diva. Be a Diva.

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