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Advantages of Having Online and Live Trainings

Advantages of Having Online and Live Trainings

Industrial training is essential to hone the employees’ abilities and skills to make sure that they will perform at their best in the company. As employers, there are number of things to consider before you can start the training programs for your employees: Will it be an online training or should it be a live one? Will our training budget fit?

Big Brain Instructional Design is best to address these employee and employers’ need. Not only that they provide high quality e-learning and live trainings, they also do integration of both to suit the needs of their clients. You’ll be surprised they are cost efficient too.


Blue chip companies have their recruitment department to handle the industrial trainings. They effectively prepare the employess to lessen if not avoid the occurence of unpleasing events before being deployed for work or can be anytime from the time being hired. But what if the business is new, just started competing? Isn’t it you will cut as much cost as you can to lower the company’s expenses?

Being that trainings at Big Brain, live or online, were cost efficient, that’s a sure fire help to starting up businesses.
There were different kinds of learners and we are aware of that, right? Having the option of choosing whether e-learning or live trainings for your employees, you’ll give them greater chance to learn effectively and efficiently.

For online learning, modules or bite-sized chunks of knowledge in the form of text, videos, podcasts, webinars carefully sequenced to create a fun learning environment for the learner. In live trainings, it is mostly for demonstration and rehearsal of knowledge. Or it is used for team-building purposes, wherein human interaction is very vital. Greatest part, at Big Brain Instructional Design, they offer integration of both live and online trainings. Your choice isn’t limited. Furthermore, you can be sure that your staff will get the best training from dedicated people in the field—Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

With these you will rise above the competition. When your clients see the quality, time, and investment that you put into your employees and overall business they will notice. How many companies have no training programs, poorly managed programs, or insufficient ones? Rise above the rest and make your mark on the industry. Remember, quality does not have to cost a lot, but that small investment will pay off huge dividends in the years to come.


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