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Nuvali: Hybrid of Urban Living and Pleasures of Nature

Nuvali: Hybrid of Urban Living and Pleasures of Nature

Since our marriage, we are renting an apartment a ride away from Ortigas Center where my husband’s workplace is. And it’s a sad reality that when you rent you don’t have a creative control of the house that you’re renting or you can (depending on the agreement in the contract) but any improvements will be left when you move out. I see that as a disadvantage especially to us who were planning to homeschool, we want to make our space as creative as possible and build a mini library in one of its corner.

After securing several things like a car,–that’s so necessary in our case especially when traveling to visit my parents and in-laws both located in Laguna with a toddler– few insurance plans, we are now ready and confident to scout and eventually buy a house to be our home.

In choosing, for us, location is very important and the benefits of living there is too, of course. I heard great things about an area which also happens to be in Laguna, the very popular Nuvali. Join me as I share what I discovered of things it offers.

Nuvali Signage

It was my first time to go around and discover the beauty of this spot in the South. I observed that humans, technology especially nature were harmoniously existing all at the same time in this 2,290 hectares.

It was of 50% open space,  greatest for both recreational and interaction; areas of accidental meetings. The remaining 50% was residential.

Who’s not concerned of accessibility? Everyone will be relieved to know that it was accessible through several exits along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and soon the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALEX). Not to mention it is commuter-friendly. I saw the Nuvali Shuttle, it operates weekdays from 6:30AM to 6:00PM to BGC and Makati. There are also E-Jeepneys in the transport terminal that goes around the area’s Central Business District.


Few kilometer drive from the Evozone were the schools. Xavier School, Mirriam College, Don Bosco and Beacon Academy.


Miriam College Nuvali


Xavier School Nuvali

And if staycation is what you’re looking for, they have Seda Hotel within Nuvali.


Seda Hotel Nuvali

The Mini Museum.

Mini Museum



Nature. It was Nuvali’s edge among others. It was what my husband Paulo missed when we started living here in Pasig City. He keeps on saying that he misses his hometown, Nagcarlan, its trees and green patches. That’s the part of Nuvali that captured his heart. Plus, the running enthusiast in him jumped when we noticed of the trails for joggers and bikers in there.

Bike Trail DSC_0103 Nature2 DSC_0184

Looks like our little guy would love an everyday date with the kois in the man-made lake within the evozone.

DSC_0195 DSC_0196


Or some afternoon bonding in the kiddie rides at Solenad with Mom and Dad.



And if sports is what we’ll talk about, of course they have areas for that. The Fields and Republ1c. Either you want to score a football goal, sprint for that baseball homerun or spike volleyball. Hey they have a wakepark in Nuvali! Paulo have gone there once together with his colleagues, their boss’ treat for a job well done. He said the experience was intense, it may look simple but it’s not.

DSC_0129 DSC_0145
Just across Republ1c Wakeboarding is one of the communities, the Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali. This midrise project has its own amenities such as kid’s play area, swimming pool for adults and kids, baketball court and cluhouse wherein they can celebrate milestones with their families. Most perfect for our little man! We can choose from studio or premier units designed with generous spaces. All these are tucked in an intimate neighborhood of 8 residential buildings; each composed of on 6 floors and serviced by an elevator. Built by MDC BuilPlus using the quality materials and each unit is also equipped with fire detection and alarm system, safely monitored by CCTVs in strategic locations.

There are other residential options in Nuvali actually such as AyalaLandPremier, Alveo and Avida but Amaia being affordable is our choice.

And since there were tons of establishments and call centers, it can definitely generate income if we will rent out our unit whenever we decide to live somewhere else. Also, the benefit of enjoying any growth in the value of property. It was great to know that Amaia Parkway’s appraisal was 24 to 26% in 3 years. Impressive, isn’t it?






I managed to have a card from a broker, you can contact him for inquiries about the property:

Paolo Flores
PRC ID:9798
(0917) 8172656 | 956 3284

Now, you can enjoy the ease of life and peace of nature. Why settle for one when you can have both?

Amaia a more affordable housing version of Ayala. Kaya ko na!


For inquiries, visit

Twitter – @abba_realty
Instagram – @abbarealty
Facebook – abbarealty


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