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Morena Mom’s Baby Blues

I gave birth two months ago to a bouncing baby girl. I planned to share my birthing experience with this babe before my delivery but, yes, up to now I haven’t drafted anything about that. I blame it to the baby blues. Soon. Crossed my fingers on my left hand as I thought of that, typing on my phone with my right hand, yes.


Here I am right now, very sleepy because baby just slept but unfortunately I really cannot sleep. Time on our wall clock is 2:03AM. I want to write about that labor pains and delivery I experienced in Shiphrah Birthing Home but my brain juices won’t cooperate. So just writing down random thoughts to help me have a shuteye.

Wall Clock

Right this very moment, I want a whole body massage but I’m too tired to go out whenever I finally have the time to go out for that. My husband was insisting to accompany me for days now to a spa nearby– toddler and babe in tow so that if milk is needed, mommy is just few steps away–I just can’t.

I just want to sleep all day or breastfeed Ella on a recliner siping a tall glass of iced cold juice o just breastfeeding and fall to sleep. Peace and quite. But the situation is not at any way like that right now. Also, best recliner is still on my wish list.

I’ll just go to the kitchen have myself a cup of hot choco and try my luck on sleeping again. Good mornight, everyone!

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