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How To Protect Your Business From Burglary and Break-Ins

Stores are prime targets for theft and break in a burglary. Seeking dark and easy-to-enter stores, burglars usually operate at night. Burglary prevention must start with you. You can use a combination of measures to protect your store from burglars. Unfortunately, if you keep expensive goods or equipment at your premises, then there’s a possibility that your business could become a target for criminals. Try to position assets or expensive equipment in central rooms, away from windows and doors. It may sound obvious, but if a criminal can’t see it from the street, the temptation won’t be there to try and steal it.


This is particularly true if your business has certain assets that really do need protecting. Don’t forget, this can include data, cash, or other important documents that are of significant value. Among the things you can use are suitable locks, an appropriate alarm system, adequate indoor and outside lighting, and a secure store safe.


Make certain to utilize the correct sort of bolt on your doors


In addition to being an obstacle to unwanted entry, a solid bolt requires a robber to utilize constraint to get into the store. Under standard thievery protection arrangements, proof of a constrained section is important to gather on robbery protection. Dead bolt locks should be used. They can’t be opened by sliding a bit of adaptable material between the door edge and door frame. The dead bolt is a lock bolt that is moved positively by turning the knob or key without the action of a spring. If you want a professional to install a deadbolt for you, then avail the services of a commercial locksmith provider.


Light all outside doors and windows with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach

Light the inside of your business so someone on the outside of the business could see in. Install a see-through fence if you have ground around your place of business.   Install safety glass. It is much harder to break. Install entry alarms on doors and windows and Install motion detectors inside your business.   Install a deadbolt lock on each door. Install high-quality cameras on the inside and the outside of your business. Place signs that state your place of business is alarmed and protected.


Keep your staff vigilant of any suspicious behavior

Encourage your staff to discuss their concerns regarding the security of your premises and explain the importance of keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior of people or vehicles in and around your premises. You should let each of your employees know what may happen if a robbery occurs. Train them on how to act during a robbery. Emphasize the protection of lives as well as money. Warn each person that you want no “heroes.” The heroic action by an employee or customer may end as a deadly mistake. The robber is as volatile as a bottle of nitroglycerine. Handle him or her with the same care you would use with any explosive.


Make bank deposits daily

During selling hours, check the amount of cash in your register or registers. Remove all excess cash from each register several times a day. Do not set up cashier operations so that they are visible to outsiders. The sight of money can trigger crime. Balance your register an hour or two before closing, not at the closing time. Make it a rule to keep your safe locked even during opening hours.

Do not wait for something to happen before you take an action. Protecting your business as early as now is highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you for these tips! I’m very particular about safety because we got burglarized last year, and until now I’m still traumatized with the thought that a bad stranger was able to enter our home while we were sleeping peacefully.

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