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How To Make A Lace Front Wig

When you are ready to go out then found your hair was a mess! Oh my god! Don’t worry and stay calm because Maxglam would direct you to the easy way solving your problem. Here are the recommendable cheap human hair lace front wigs, which absolutely can help you deal with the situation where you are going out with a messy hair. Besides, we Maxglam can make sure that the wigs we provide are made with full hair density and we also sort them into cheap human hair wigs¡¢best lace wigs¡¢bob wigs. They are all fantastic and they are set with adjustable belt or combs, moreover, you can make a ponytail as it is so versatile. The below video I am going to show you the wig and how I make it more amazing.

Hi, you guys, welcome back to my channel and I can’t wait to show you the wig as you can see that is so full of beauty that I am really in love with it. It is kind of lace frontal wig with body wave hairstyle, which is pretty good with its softness and tangles free. So, let’s get started and keep watching how I make that wig. The first thing I did is to wear a dome cap on the foam model and start weaving with the very edges end with the back bottom hair ear-side. I would like to fold over the hair and I never double my wefts as all my wig is single weft so as to make it more natural. If you have single your wefts there would be many layers and track which will make the wig look more layered and it is really amazing for adding volumes. I would like to take my time and make single wefts so that the bottom hair can be more full, especially for long hair, so that it can be voluminous. As you can see there is pretty much for two packs hair to fix my ear to ear and keep weaving the packs hair from side to the top. Then you can see that at the end of middle part weave, and this is how I knot the hair when I start cutting the weft and I am going to close the end and the last packs.

Besides, I am not going to fold over them anymore because I like them to be flatter. You can cut some bundle hair when it is needless. When I sew the tracks done I go to the edges and I make it go inside like that. I also use scissors or you can use an eraser to cut the weft so as to make use of the layers and tracks. There is pretty much of it and the rest of packs hair I am going to sew them on too. Then I turn over the wig and sew these two pieces of hair and fold over wefts on the two ear-sides. Basically, I like to make the pieces of hair weaving on inside wig so that it can be retained a pretty stage that everybody loves and it can’t be seen the wig but strange hair when it blows. So there it is, wow, amazing!

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