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irst Time Parents Workshop

First Time Parents. Does that sound overwhelming to you when you were without a child or when you got one on the way?


I remember when I was about to give birth to Elijah, I thought I was ready enough. Only to realize that I should have attended seminars to prepare for the struggles I would face when he is out finally, especially on breastfeeding. Read here. I had regretted that I did not attend even one talk about it when I was pregnant. I just assumed that I was ready for our firstborn. No one had set my expectations on baby blues, breastfeeding and what have you. And so, now, whenever I get to know of seminars related to being new parents or parenting in general–I tell my friends whom I know will benefit from it. With so much happiness, I am inviting everyone to consider attending the First Time Parents by Manila Workshops in partnership with Parenting Emporium. It’s their flagship workshop series. This has been running for the past four years now.¬†You’ll learn a lot on this, trust me because Irina Otmakhova and Abbie Yabot will be the speakers!


For the AM session on September 2, there will be a detailed talk on Delivery Options; traditional and alternative ways of giving birth which will help parents to explore more options in preparation for the delivery day. Come PM session, Newborn Care and ENT Care for Pregnant Women and Children will be tackled. On September 10, the topics will be All About Breastfeeding for the AM session and Baby and Toddler Care & Nutrition respectively. What are you waiting for? Register now 725-3723/738-6272!

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