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Santorini by Sta. Lucia Residenze

Last Mother’s Day, I attended an event for mothers like myself in Sta Lucia Mall. Being in that mall again after more than a decade was somewhat overwhelming. A short back story: I was an incoming third year student in high school when we transferred to Laguna for good. I just came back here in Pasig when I got married just so we’ll be closer to my husband’s workplace. I remember spending most of my weekends then in the confines of that mall with family or friends. When the event was finished, I chanced upon someone who explained Santorini to me and why a condotel was a good investment.


Magnificent Line of Skin Care Products from the Dead Sea

Because makeup can only do so much, clear and radiant skin is what we should aim for. It’s great to be particular with face regimen, right? But me, I’m for convenience. I dread going out just to have a facial session. I accepted the fact that I’m too lazy for that or busy maybe. I just wash my face with facial wash before bedtime and that’s it, for me.